Die Welt – An Angel on Earth – Translation to English

“[…] Jaroussky weaves notes as fragile as the finest threads of spun glass. That still they shine vibrantly is purely due to Jaroussky’s delicate vitality, his moderately tasteful use of means of expression that he seems to have at his unlimited disposal. Translation to EnglishThis is a fan translation; no infringement of copyright is intended. […]

tip Berlin – Philippe Jaroussky – An Interview with the Most Famous Countertenor in the World – Translation to English

2019-03-28, Tip Berlin, by Kai Luehrs-Kaiser Man muss sich auch nicht normaler machen, als man ist. Translation to EnglishThis is a fan translation; no infringement of copyright is intended. We believe it fulfills the criteria for “fair use,” discussion and study. Translation by *L Philippe Jaroussky – An interview with the most famous countertenor in […]

Concerti – “Old singer, young conductor” – Translation to English

2019-03, Concerti, by Christoph Schmidt “Yet another life goal of mine for many years has been to become a conductor. In three or four years, I am going to conduct my very first Baroque opera – something I am really happy about. That means, I am going to be a singer and a conductor at […]

Crescendo – Musical Mask Player – Translation To English

2019-02, Concerti, by Dorothea Walchshäusl “Listening to Cavalli, it’s astounding how candid and courageous the material is. Despite all the tragedy, the pieces are full of humour and, by the way, they are are very sexually explicit – one part in the love duet, unequivocally, is about sex (laughs). Which means: the music is almost […]

Das Opernglas – Great Fun – Translation to English

2019-03, Das Opernglas, by Yeri Han “When I will have done my first tentative steps towards conducting, maybe then, when it’s time, it won’t be quite as sad for me, to little by little, sing fewer performances – who knows!” Translation to EnglishThis is a fan translation; no infringement of copyright is intended. We believe […]

blu – Whether King Or Girl – Translation to English

2018-02-23, Blue Fm, by Christian K. L. Fischer ” … What a life I had! I was able to travel the world, never had money problems, had the chance to meet all these musicians. Plus, I had a lot of time for my friends. What a privilege! And I am allowed to sleep in!” Source/Read […]

Epoch Times – Musik am Abend: Lob eines Baumes

2018-10-27, Epoch Times, by n. N. Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759) war ein deutscher Komponist aus Halle (Saale) am englischen Hof. Am 15. April 1738 wurde in London am „King’s Theatre“ seine Oper „Xerxes“ (HWV 40) aufgeführt. Hier singt Philippe Jaroussky, Countertenor, die Arie „Ombra mai fù“ aus dem 1 Akt. Es spielt das „Australian Brandenburg […]

Bachtrack – Philippe Jaroussky – Zurück zu den Anfängen

2018-10-22, Bachtrack, by n. N. Warm und doch kristallklar, kräftig und zugleich zart schmeichelnd – das macht die Faszination von Philippe Jarousskys einzigartiger Counterstimme aus. Hört man ihn singen, versteht man die Begeisterungsstürme und die Ohnmachtsanfälle, die die Meister seines Stimmfachs in früheren Jahrhunderten beim zumeist weiblichen Publikum auszulösen vermochten. […] Source/Read more: [x]

Deutschlandfunk – Vom Koloraturzauberer zum Charakterdarsteller

2018-07-04, Deutschlandfunk, by Dagmar Penzlin Philippe Jaroussky sucht die Veränderung: Weg vom barocken Koloratur-Geklingel hin zu Charakterfiguren wie dem Orfeo von Christoph Willibald Gluck. Er hat eine ganz besondere Fassung von Orfeo ed Euridice aufgenommen, die 1774 speziell für Neapel erstellt wurde. Source/Read more: [x]