– Филипп Жарусски – Орфей – 2017

2017-03-29, “[…] Monteverdi, on the other hand, concentrates more on Orpheus’ search for Eurydice in the underworld, and the highpoint of his work is an aria that has remained without parallel in the history of opera: the magical ‘Possente spirto’, which I have the temerity to perform here as a countertenor, for the first […]

Eye Bags on WordPress – Elbphilharmonie Opening

2017-01-12, Eye Bags on WordPress Hengelbrock programmed this evening – and this evening is a big deal far beyond Hamburg or Germany – and he starts with BRITTEN, then has DUTILLEUX (and the piani in the strings are unbelievable there) and then Philippe Jaroussky, from one of the balconies, sings “Dalle più alte sfere”. This […]

Plays To See – Alcina

2017-01-04, Plays To See, by Irina Antesberger But this is no “one-(wo)man-show“: all roles are cast well, starting with Philippe Jaroussky as Ruggiero. After a short “warm-up“, his impact grows throughout the evening. His timbre is rightly well-known for being profound and yet angelic, with a sound that is never shrill, always melodious. The countertenor shows […]

The Idle Woman – Philippe Jaroussky: Bach and Telemann

2016-12-04, The Idle Woman The hall was stuffed to the gunwales; the atmosphere was palpable; and yet there were times you could have heard the smallest of pins drop. Refined, elegiac and utterly professional, Jaroussky showed us all once again why he remains the hottest countertenor ticket of all. Source/Read more: [x]

Música, arte y cultura – Emocionante concierto con Philippe Jaroussky y Nathalie Stutzmann …

2016-10-23, Música, arte y cultura, by Alicia Perris “No está equivocado el programa de este concierto, aunque lo parezca. Nathalie Stutzmann dirige, aunque podría cantar «Les Nuits d’Ete». Y Philippe Jaroussky canta el ciclo de canciones de Berlioz aunque el compositor francés no las hubiera concebido para un contratenor. Surge de esta aparente confusión y promiscuidad […]


2016-07-13, Hundert11 Im Konzertgänger erwacht dabei wieder mal der Wunsch, dass in Konzerten öfter unbekannte Stücke zwei- oder dreimal gespielt würden, es ist immer ein Gewinn für Herz und Kopf. Gerne hätte man auch Steffanis andere Stücke da capo gehört: etwa den herzzerreißenden Schmachtfetzen Dal mio petto oder Sorge Anteo, das mit mysteriös pfeifenden Winden […]

Formalhaut – Philippe Jaroussky/Ensemble Artaserse – Baroque vénitien – Champs Elysées

2016-07-06, Formalhaut, Rédigé par David Pour qui n’est pas un suiveur inconditionnel de Philippe Jaroussky, ce récital est l’occasion de redécouvrir ce chanteur atypique, authentique et doué d’une présence fascinante. […] Source/Read more: [x]

OperaJournal – Saariaho – Only the Sound Remains (DNO, 2016 – Amsterdam)

2016-03-22,, by Keris Nine Here alone the desired sound is fully realised with Davone Tines integrating with the earthier sounds of the physical world and Philippe Jaroussky’s countertenor soaring to reach that otherworldly level. […] If they leave any trace behind in the world, only the sound that remains and, when expressed like this in […]

We Left At The Interval – Händel – Theodora

2015-10-11, We Left At The Interval The evening gave evidence, once more, that it’s no use judging voices from recordings. I’d never been seduced by what I heard of Jaroussky so far, but discovered that, live, he has a very engaging, seductive timbre as well as an engaged and engaging presence on stage. Source/Read more: [x]