2019-08-16 featured press

New York Times – Nearly 100, the Salzburg Festival Doesn’t Wait to Celebrate

2019-08-16, The New York Times, by Zachary Woolfe

“Riding the music with gusto and unafraid to take risks, Ms. Bartoli’s voice sometimes tightens in fast, florid passages, but in relaxed music her tone is still warm and fresh; for floating notes she’s equaled by the countertenor Philippe Jaroussky, playing one of the men in her magical clutches.” […]

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2018-01-18_02 featured press

The New York Times – Philippe Jaroussky réussira-t-il à ouvrir la musique classique à la diversité ?

2018-01-18, The New York Times, by Elian Peltier

M. Jaroussky en fit le constat lors d’un entretien récent : « Que ce soit à Hambourg, à New York ou à Paris, je chante devant le même type de public. Et autant j’adore mon public, autant je suis inquiet. Parce que si nous n’apportons pas de mixité sociale sur scène, nous n’aurons pas de public plus jeune et plus diversifié, non plus ».

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2018-01-18 featured press

The New York Times – Can Philippe Jaroussky Help Fix Classical Music’s Diversity Problem?

2018-01-18, The New York Times, by Elian Peltier

“Whether in Hamburg, in New York or in Paris, I sing before the same kind of people,” Mr. Jaroussky said in an interview. “And as much as I love my audience, I’m worried that if we don’t bring more diversity onto the stage, we won’t get a younger and more diverse audience either.”

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2015-07-14_02 featured press

New York Times – Review: Exploring Captivity in Handel’s ‘Alcina’ and Mozart’s ‘Entführung’ at Aix-en-Provence Festival

2015-07-14, New York Times, by James R. Oestreich

The incomparable countertenor Philippe Jaroussky was thrilling of voice, if a little wooden of gesture, as Ruggiero, the sorceress Alcina’s plaything-turned-antagonist. But it was the women who stood out here. The soprano Patricia Petibon was little short of sensational vocally as the antiheroine and excellent at eliciting sympathy through her acting.

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2010-11-19 featured press

New York Times – Who Can Resist a Man Who Sings Like a Woman?

2010-11-19, New York Times, by Fernanda Eberstadt

“When I heard Philippe Jaroussky for the first time, I was struck by his musicality and sensibility,” Cecilia Bartoli, who sang with him in Handel’s “Giulio Cesare,” wrote in an e-mail. “There is a beauty in his phrasing and a delicacy, if not fragility in his soul, that touches the listener profoundly.” The legendary English countertenor James Bowman says that “Jaroussky sounds like the boy Bach would have loved to write for.”

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2010-01-15 featured press

New York Times – Baroque Dexterity Applied to Dark French Passions

2010-01-15, New York Times, by Vivien Schweitzer

For his current recital tour Mr. Jaroussky is venturing outside typical countertenor territory and exploring French mélodie, which made up the program for his New York recital debut at Weill Recital Hall on Thursday. The concert featured excerpts from “Opium,” his new disc on the Virgin Classics label.

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