2018-10-18_02 featured press

Meine Klassik – Philippe Jaroussky singt “Chanson d’automne” (Charles Trenet)

2018-10-18 Meine Klassik on YouTube, n. N.

Countertenor Philippe Jaroussky, Quatuor Ebène & Jerôme Ducros mit dem “Chanson d’automne” von Charles Trenet.  […]

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2017-12-14 featured press

Warner Classics España on Facebook – “¡CONCURSO CON PHILIPPE JAROUSSKY!”

2017-12-14, Warner Classics España on Facebook


Durante su gira por España, Philippe Jaroussky – Page officielle nos dejó unos regalitos para vosotros: Dos ejemplares firmados de su último disco “The Händel Album”. ¿Los queréis? ¡Venga! Abrimos este concurso con dos sencillos pasos: …” […]

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2017-01-14 featured press

Warner Music Group – Philippe Jaroussky Performs at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie Opening

2017-01-12, Warner Music Group (wmg), by n. N.

Warner Music artist Philippe Jaroussky captivated the audience at the Grand Opening Ceremony for the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg this week. […]

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2017-01-11_03 featured press

Warner Classics on Facebook – “Philippe Jaroussky preparing to sing at the grand opening of Germany’s new concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg!”

2017-01-11, Warner Classics on Facebook

“Philippe Jaroussky – Page officielle preparing to sing at the grand opening of Germany’s new concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg! Tonight’s repertoire is top-secret, but you click below to listen to Philippe’s Apple Music Playlist of composers who left an indelible mark on Hamburg.”

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Le Figaro – Verlaine through the Ages

2015-02-27, Warner, Le Figaro
Translated from the original French. Interview by Thierry Clermont in Le Figaro, 19 February, 2015.

So you’ve had this project Green in mind for a long time?

PJ: It’s been in the works for about eight years. I love Verlaine’s poetry and his universe, made up of languor and melancholy as well as lightness and humour. I find myself there. Just think of the themes and the characters of his second collection of poems, Fêtes galantes, with its baroque side and its pastoral atmosphere. Most of his poems are short, arrhythmic – even dissonant . As he says in his Art poétique he prefers the odd lines out. It’s very human poetry, sensual but with childlike simplicity.

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Warner – Philippe Jaroussky sings Fauré’s ‘Spleen’ (Verlaine) on the album Green

2015-02-11, WarnerClassics on YouTube

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Warner – Countdown to Valentine’s Day: five classical albums for lovers

2015-02-11, Warner

“‘Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches,
Et puis voici mon cœur qui ne bat que pour vous’

‘Here are fruits, flowers, leaves and branches,
And here is my heart, which beats only for you.’

Philippe Jaroussky sings these intimate lines three times on his forthcoming double album of Verlaine poetry in mélodies and chansons from Fauré to Ferré. Debussy, Fauré and André Caplet all set the poem Green, which gives the album its enigmantic title.

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Warner – Philippe Jaroussky video unveils his Verlaine songbook project ‘Green’

2015-01-30, Warner Classics

As Philippe Jaroussky points out in his new video, Paul Verlaine’s poems have been more frequently set to music than any other French writer’s. The countertenor has drawn together a double album’s worth of French mélodies and chansons with words by his favourite poet to create a personal Verlaine ‘songbook’.

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Warner – Philippe Jaroussky to release double album of songs with poetry by Verlaine

2015-01-15, Warner Classics

“Jaroussky, speaking of a Verlaine setting by Reynaldo Hahn, has said that the poet ‘conveys a feeling of both moonlit abstraction and of the allusive, but very sensual caress of the beloved. There is always a sensual element in Verlaine’s writing.'”…

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