2014-02-27 featured press

The New York Times – An Orchestra Plays Backup Band as a Countertenor Takes Center Stage

2014-02-26, The New York Times, by James R. Oestreich

There are countertenors, and then there is Mr. Jaroussky.

[…] with Mr. Jaroussky, there is scarcely a sense of anything artificial in the vocal production. He sings with an ease and fluidity that you would think could come only from a natural voice. And that is before you lay on his keen intelligence and his tremendous artistry.

[…] But there was no fault to find with the performances. In the repeats of da capo arias, Mr. Jaroussky ornaments his lines lavishly yet so smoothly and naturally that if you hadn’t just heard him sing the opening relatively straight, you wouldn’t believe he was making this up.

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