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Sydney Morning Herald – Philippe Jaroussky and the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

2013-09-18, Sydney Morning Herald, by Clive O’Connell

Opening its 2013 season, the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra under Paul Dyer scored a winner in guest Philippe Jaroussky, the French countertenor who knows no fear.

Sunday evening’s program gave this intelligent artist plenty of room to show his craft […]

Unlike many of his peers, Jaroussky projects with consistency across his range, from a powerful bass register to solid upper notes that are sustained without apparent effort. Thanks to this evenness of production, he carries off each rapidly ornate flourish, required by both composers, with an unexpected ability to make lavishly applied ornamentation seem relevant.

Above all, this artist conveys an emotional depth that carries his audience along with him, from the gripping energy of Handel’s Agitato de fiere tempeste to the lyrical curvaceousness of Porpora’s Dal-l’amor piu sventurato, a deftly sustained scene that showed Jaroussky at his best. In sum, his music-making is convincing, every phrase moulded into a coherent construct.

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2013-03-18 featured press

Australian Stage – Philippe Jaroussky | Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

2013-03-18, Australian Stage, by Daniela Kaleva

One would think that the 2013 Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix was the main event in Melbourne last week but early music fans will tell you otherwise. It has been early music week at the Melbourne Recital Centre! […] Jaroussky’s voice was everything one would have expected to hear live and more. He started with a florid ‘tempesta aria’ – a vivacious rendition of Handel’s Agitato da fiere tempeste from the pasticcio Oreste. This was immediately followed by a slower number from Handel’s opera Arianna in Creta which allowed Jaroussky to display his sustained legato singing and his pure, shimmering and rich timbre.

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The Culture Concept Circle – Philippe Jaroussky & Brandenburg Baroque – Sublime Sounds

2013-03-18, The Culture Concept Circle

The concert proved that Jaroussky is a superstar in the world of contemporary classical music, as indeed were the composers in their time. There is no doubt in my mind he will join into their legendary status as he brings their music alive again once more, making it relevant and vital for a new age.

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2013-03-17 featured press

The Berkshire Review – Philippe Jaroussky Sings Handel and Porpora Arias with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, plus Locatelli’s L’Arte del Violino in Sydney

2013-03-17, The Berkshire Review, an international journal for the arts, by Andrew Miller

Like the best pianists or heroic singers — or dancers —, but something perhaps taken for granted with singers, one is never aware and never thinks about how he is making his sound and he always sings in character; the voice doesn’t come from his chest — it doesn’t really seem to come from his head either. But, paradoxically, his airy, even ethereal tone seems unconstrained, and even modest, his presence is distinctive and vivid rather than penetrating, is musical and theatrical by nature, rather than solid or forceful. This seems especially the case in the slow, grave arias and the slow powerful ones of mixed emotions like Handel’s Mi lusinga a dolce affetto from Alcina or Alto Giove from Polifemo.

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Limelight magazine – Philippe Jaroussky: Natural High

2013-03-05, Limelight magazine

That’s a long break! Won’t it be difficult to return to singing?

“Of course, singing is my passion; it’s not only my job. But there is a lot of sacrifice and a lot of stress. That’s why I need this break, and I’m sure I will be very happy to sing again. But it’s true that when you are not allowed to do something, you want to do it. You want to have fun with friends, have parties, to smoke, to drink – why not? That’s what I’m doing now!” [laughs]

Philippe Jaroussky and The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra – YouTube

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The Culture Concept Circle – Philippe Jaroussky – Sings Like an Angel & Rocks the Baroque

2013-02-21, The Culture Concept Circle, by Carolyn McDowall

Philippe Jaroussky | Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

Get Set to Rock the Baroque!

Paul Dyer, leader of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, which plays on period instruments, believes the award winning Jaroussky ‘… is one of today’s superstars of the opera world’. Judging from the rave reviews Jaroussky receives wherever he is in the world he certainly has a voice to cherish.

It is perfectly attuned to singing with the tone of an angel. It also has the added bonus of the thrilling ‘coloratura’ technique, with its runs, trills, leaps and virtuoso singing, a feat not often equaled in the world of male voices.

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